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Marko Heinemann

I bought my first guitar - a Hagstrom Semi-Hollow Body - at the age of 14. Later, a black Washburn Tour 24 Chicago became my main guitar for many years. It was only in 2016 that I discovered the world of Fernandes Sustainer Guitars (thanks to Steve Hackett). With keyboarder René Tecklenburg - my musical alter ego since my teenage days - I played in various bands. Unfortunately, art rock was not in vogue in the 1980s and 90s, so I decided to take a hiatus to spend more time with the family and focus on my professional career.  In the summer of 2017, we reactivated our old "gang": cye The Band became the latest incarnation and in 2022 we released "The Strange Animal from the North", 37 minutes of the finest Swiss prog rock. A couple of years ago I retired and I began to work on my solo career (joke!). Felix Mueller, who had been mixing the Strange Animal, gradually evolved into being my mentor and partner in TMP - The Malix Project. I'm quite proud of "XII" and I hope, people will enjoy listening and having fun with the videos. 

Personal stats: Born 11.6.1957, married, four kids, lives in Arni, Switzerland.

Favourites: Yes, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Dream Theater, Saga, Neal Morse Band

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My childhood was a quest for which instrument suits me best. I tried the trumpet, the recorder, the harp, the keyboard and the soprano sax. In 1979 I joined my brother's project “Music for Head, Heart and Hips” as a multi-instrumentalist. The project evolved into the band “Hands” and they were primarily in need of a bassist. End of the matter! Although I had finished my apprenticeship as a draftsman in structural engineering, I started to work for a pa-company and - among other things - in a studio with a 24-track mixer. Thus, expanding my knowledge of various aspects of the music business. In 1983 I decided, that music was my life and I turned professional. I played bass in the Tom Kelly Band, Eve Gallagher Band, Trampolin, with Gianna Nannini, Legal Tender, The Bucks, Sandra Goldner and the Goldrush, Dänu Segrist, Toni Vescoli, Peter Glanzmann, Normal Brill, Paul Camilleri, Moudi Cabalou, Doris Ackermann, Pete Scrowther, Aladin’s Varieté, Hank Shizzoe, Cathryn and Ueli Schmezer. I've played well over 2000 gigs of all sizes, went on tour as a front or monitor mixer and worked on numerous studio productions as a bassist, sound engineer or producer. Since 2003, I've owned and operated the Tonstudio Nagelfabrik in Wetzikon, which features modern digital recording facilities as well as vintage gear. I still love playing live and I am currently in several bands like the John Lyons Band, the Monkee Palace Orchestra, Al Terego, Russo, Marflix, Aaron Wegmann and the Retø Abegglen Band.

Personal stats: Born 12.8.1957, married, two kids, lives in Wetzikon, Switzerland.

Favourites: Paul McCartney, Crowded House, Charlie Sexton

Felix Mueller

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